Success comes from self-development

The 8 Best Tips to be Successful When Studying Overseas

Success comes from self-development efforts and discipline in applying effective learning habits. Students who are successful when studying overseas know when to focus on subjects, also when to take breaks. Neat time management, with strict discipline on self-arranged schedules. When it’s time to study, they will pay full attention. So even with things – fun like traveling, and other hobbies.

Studying abroad is a big step, how can you maximize it? Here are tips for successful studying abroad for you.

Remember that you are not alone 

Many international students are in the same situation. They also leave home and may share the same fears with you. So when making new friends, don’t be shy to open up. You both will be happy to make a good first step together.

Learn with truly

You can only relax completely when you know that you deserve it. By continuing to prioritize learning, you will feel confident in class and stress-free from the tasks at hand.

Get along with other friends

Look for friends from as many places as possible. Learn about their culture and tell your culture too. You will be surprised by all the similarities and differences! Enjoy the evening with your friends and be sure to visit interesting places with them on weekends. Learning is important, hanging out with friends is also important, make everything balanced.

Success comes from self-development
Success comes from self-development
Any experience is a good experience 

Treat every experience (good or bad) as a learning journey that will help you grow and make you a better person in the future. Stay positive and use your time to study abroad. If you give attention to this one, you will be successful when studying overseas.

Attend all meetings 

Watching Netflix is much more fun than attending a meeting. However, students who schedule and attend meetings (for course approvals, financial assistance, visa appointments, pre-departures, and the like) have a much higher success rate than those who do not attend any meetings.


Successful students always answer emails and aim to establish close relationships with their advisers, family or roommates in the hostel, and classmates. Successful students also openly discuss whatever is on their minds.

Discover the balance between your lectures and time 

For students of University, especially the international students, there will be a main reason to study overseas, that is for learning their basic skills and getting a degree. Then, having a schedule of study containing all of the important dates is exactly a very great idea. This really helps you prioritize the study time of yours and also keep organized. But, it’s also good for you to make your brilliant brain have a break although in a short time and do everything you like such as your hobby. The best advice is for making all study times of yours, and plan your free time properly so that you can give yourself a balanced time between studying and relaxing

Success comes from self-development
Success comes from self-development
Asking other’s help if you feel stress when learning overseas

It is very normal when you are studying overseas, you will get stressed and face some challenges. But, when you don’t handle and solve those things well, then this can have an adverse effect on the performance of yours! When you feel that you really need good assistance and support, you should ask your lecturer or friend and talk with them about the stress you are experiencing. Stay rested, take time to exercise, and pass all the time with the friends of yours. You must also check whether your health insurance will really pay for all claims related to mental illness.