Studying abroad is certainly a dream of many students

Reach Your Dream of Studying Overseas with Some Good Programs

Studying abroad is certainly a dream of many students. The question is, how can you realize the dream of studying overseas? Many think that studying abroad is a difficult thing, especially considering the issue of high tuition fees and living costs. However, all of this can be tricked in various ways and tips. The most important thing if you want to study abroad is intention. Make an intention, try your best, and pray. Here are some ways to realize your dream to study abroad

Government Scholarship

The most common way taken when someone wants to study abroad is to look for scholarships from the government, both provided by the Indonesian government and foreign governments. If you are targeting a scholarship from a foreign government, be diligent in checking the country’s embassy website. Usually, there are listed requirements needed to get a college scholarship. One thing is certain, almost all scholarships from the government require tests and TOEFL / IELTS certificates.

Studying abroad is certainly a dream of many students
Studying abroad is certainly a dream of many students
University Scholarship

In addition to scholarships from the government, there are also types of funding assistance directly provided by the overseas campus concerned. Usually, to get this type of scholarship you must have been accepted at the university first (of course by collecting the required documents and paying the registration fee). After you are registered, you can apply again to get funding from the university. Typically, for this type of scholarship, you need at least some initial capital to buy a plane ticket to the university and living expenses for at least one semester. New scholarships will be given by the university when you show good academic performance or produce achievements while studying there.

Volunteer Program

Volunteer programs or volunteering can also be a stepping stone for reaching the dream of studying overseas. One of the most well-known volunteer programs on Indonesian campuses is AIESEC, where you will be sent to various countries to carry out social activities, such as teaching elementary school children, making various counseling, as well as conducting small-scale research. In a volunteer program, at first, you might have to pay for your own airline tickets and living expenses while there. However, certificates from programs like this are very helpful if you take the scholarship or job test.

Studying abroad is certainly a dream of many students
Studying abroad is certainly a dream of many students
Exchange of Students

Student exchanges are another easy way to experience learning abroad. Of course, you must really do well on your campus or school if you want to get a place in student exchange. Organizational activeness, personality, and special expertise are also taken into consideration for student exchange selection. On top of that, you of course also have to achieve good academic grades, with an average IP of 3.0 or 75 percent report card. Usually in this type of scholarship, you not only get the opportunity to study but also live with a local family in the country.

Summer Course

Summer Course or summer class is a program organized by the government or private parties. This to provide opportunities for foreign students to experience living in the country. In the summer course, you will not study an academic subject. But rather specialize in country-specific things such as language and culture. Usually, the summer course lasts between 1 to 6 months. You might not get any degree. But surely you will get a certificate that might be very useful later to help you get a scholarship.