Study in Foreign Countries

Challenges Faced By Indian Students Who Study in Foreign Countries

Indian students show great interest to study abroad. The rate keeps increasing every year. It shows that India has high demand for higher education, which is a good thing. Besides, more countries in the world keep increasing their international students quotas.

Study in Foreign Countries
Challenges faced by Indian students

If you are Indian students who are planning to study abroad or currently studying abroad, you must know that living abroad can be challenging. Even if you are staying in foreign country for a few years, challenges always appear regardless of how minor they are. Here are the most common challenges most Indian students who study abroad face:


Homesickness is the most common challenges faced by Indian students who are studying abroad. It may sounds minor but some students may experience huge stress caused by homesickness. Throughout your life, you must have gotten used to Indian foods, cultures and people on daily basis. When you are leaving your home and staying in foreign country, homesickness will be the first issue you experience.

Get Socialized

Get socialized. Sometimes, many Indian students find it hard to get socialized with others even though they speak English fluently. Sometimes, language is not the only barrier Indian students face when it comes to socializing with others.

Study in Foreign Countries
Indian students at Foreign Countries

Fear, shyness, and doubt can also be the factors which make them hard to socialize with others. This can be harder if the destination countries have cultures and traditions that far different from Indian cultures and traditions. Those differences can be the real barrier to get socialized with others especially in the initial stage of your stay in the host country.

Adapting to new education system. Every country may apply different education system which influence how their students follow the flow of study. Indian students may find it difficult at the beginning.

Study in Foreign Countries
Study in Foreign Countries

However, it will become easier the more you spend your time playing at and adapting with the new system. The university you are enrolled in may have different techniques of examination for their students regardless of whether you are international students or not.

Cultural differences are to expect for Indian students who are planning to study abroad. For example, there might be differences on how to interact with elderly, same people, and more.

However, it is common to experience those cultural shock especially at the initial stage of your adjustment with your destination country. The point is, you should be willing to find out your host country’s culture, traditions, and customs so you won’t be too clueless or unconsciously offending the locals.